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Multifocal & Toric Lens Implant Specialist

Maryland Vision Center

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For patients dealing with cataracts and astigmatism, help is available at Maryland Vision Center. Here, Dr. Thadani offers Frederick and Baltimore area patients access to multifocal/toric lens implants which can give them the sight they need.

Multifocal & Toric Lens Implants Q & A

What are Toric Lens Implants?

When a person is undergoing cataract surgery, an artificial lens or intraocular lens implant will most likely be used. Patients affected by astigmatism will require a special lens. The lens used to give patients the best possible sight in this situation is the toric lens. When a person has astigmatism their cornea is not shaped correctly, usually resembling a football. To correct this problem, the toric lens is used. These lenses can correct corneal distortion by neutralizing astigmatism at a given. These lenses help patients by allowing the vision to be corrected without the need for further surgery.

What are Multifocal Lens Implants?

These lenses can help patients who desire a lens that can help them view items at varying distnaces. During the cataract procedure, these lenses can be chosen for the implant and will help to correct the patient’s vision. These lenses have been shown to provide better close up vision than standard lenses but can cause glare at greater distances. The doctor will help you to decide which type of lens is best for your particular situation.

What Happens if I Have Astigmatism in Just One Eye?

If a patient’s eyes require different prescription, such as having astigmatism in one eye or requiring special magnification in just one eye, a different lens can be used in each eye. The doctor can recommend different lenses for each eye to achieve the best possible vision. The other options include using a different power of lens in one eye. This can be helpful when a particular lens power provides better computer vision and the other provides sharper vision at close distances. The doctor will evaluate and assess each eye to determine which type of lens will help you the best.

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